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· Digital training and development

We help corporate training and digital development teams to develop their processes for employees and customers.

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Several companies use Eduvem every day to deliver their knowledge in a quick, practical way with an innovative experience!

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Rapid Learning solution for companies that seek state-of-the-art online training and events in a simple, powerful and effective way.

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Robust and fully responsive platform. Access your corporate content from virtually anywhere on any device.

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Eduvem has a vast global digital ecosystem, which allows integrations with the most popular infrastructures and tools in Human Resources, Accounting, CRM, Marketing, Sales Recovery, Invoicing and much more.


Eduvem Rapid Learning is a platform to create, publish and exchange online educational content. The user can keep a training cycle, from the creation of an educational program, presentation, and content sharing, to the analysis of results and continuous improvement, as well as online streaming. Using our “wizard”, which is built with a focus in usability, you can create your online content independently, without any technical team.

Eduvem is a Start-up (Edtech) focused in technology, usability and design that develops products, apps and tools to improve learning. We believe in the importance of education as a source of transformation for people, companies and institutions. Through  our technological innovations, we explore new ways of content collaboration. Consequently, in addition to individual growth, we open new horizons for teams, products, services and consumers. We aim to understand the customer and their needs in order to improve their business. We offer comprehensive and user-friendly tools for publishing educational content in a variety of areas and models.

Bimodal Digital Transformation – Eduvem’s partners and collaborators are professionals with experience in managing large corporations so they have a more serious vision when it comes to digital entrepreneurship. We believe in a new vision and understand that to operate in the digital world, scientific approaches are needed through philosophical, theoretical and methodological tools. Eduvem follows the theoretical concept of the Canadian School of Communication (Marshall McLuhan and Pierre Lévy). Philosophically, we believe that we are experiencing a Revolution in civilization; theoretically, we consider that the reason of it is the arrival of new multimedia resources. Methodologically, we propose the implementation of the Bimodal Transformation for traditional organizations so they can not only keep up with their day-to-day operations and routines, but also see the outside world and innovate to move forward as a business.

We used Nielsen’s 10 heuristic rules to create the interface design.

A new interface was born, inspired by the top streaming platforms worldwide. Eduvem is developed using UI Design techniques in order to improve the interaction between the interface and the user, thus facilitating its use and results. As part of the UX (User Experience) concept we care the most about how these interactions will work with the user’s emotional side and their overall experience with the system.

Eduvem uses DRM (Digital Rights Management) to prevent people from pirating videos and courses, as it is a technology that limits access to digital content—such as video— for viewers who have (or do not have) the authorization to access for free or through one-time purchase or rental. Our development team pays special attention to information security so Eduvem clients will have their knowledge safeguarded and protected.

Innovative Experience in Digital Learning

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